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    1. Sliding Image Divider

      Today I will show you how to create an image divider that shows two different images and when you hover over it the partition follows your mouse movements.

      Summit – one page responsive theme

      Summit is a one page template that is perfect for individuals or businesses. It comes with 2 ready layout styles, Creative Portfolio and Product Preview, each with a unique feel.

      Unfolding Menu Animation

      Learn to create a cool unfolding menu animation. Two panels swing forward to reveal a submenu for the links in the menu using CSS3 transforms.

      Overture – Responsive Corporate theme

      Overture is a professional corporate theme that you can customize to your individual or business needs. It comes with 3 premade color schemes and 2 arrow styles that give you plenty of variety.

      Diagonal Sliding Hover Transition

      A good hover transition can save space on showing more information until hover, while also creating an enticing and interesting effect.

      Sliding Icon Button

      It consists of a rounded button with a circle icon that slides across the length of the button as the button title changes. Its a pretty sweet CSS only button.

      CSS Animated Buttons With Icons

      Using CSS borders to make the triangle arrows and box shadows to create the 3D effect, I created a simple CSS only animated button that looks just as good.

      Animated Favorite Button

      Make an easy animated favorite button using circles and icons animated with CSS3 transforms and jQuery. Comes with 2 different animation styles.

      3D Cube Rotate Menu

      Create a menu with a 3D cube rotation effect on each link in the menu. On hover the link is supposed to look like a 3D cube that rotates 90 degrees.

      CSS3 Mail Stripes Pattern

      Seamless patterns are an awesome way to spice up your designs. I’ve always liked the mail stripes pattern to denote some sort of contact form.

      CSS3 Slider Timeline Menu

      Learn to create a slider timeline menu with CSS3 animations. It is a fixed navigation that smooth scrolls to new sections with a cool slider effect.

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