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      Materialize: A material design css framework

      Take a look at the Material Design themed css framework we’ve been building


      PixelKit Freebie: Metro Vibes UI Kit

      A metro UI kit that will offer you an efficient way to deliver an awesome metro look and feel.


      Custom Checkbox with CSS3 Borders and Transitions

      Making your own custom checkboxes has always been a good way to standardize your designs. Learn to create a custom checkbox with only CSS borders.


      3D Card Previewer

      The previewer consists of a list of 3D Card movie posters tilted to the right and one featured movie shown full size. This uses CSS3 perspective transform.


      Dynamic Pricing Table

      Create a dynamic pricing table that has an editable list of options that will recalculate the features and price of the whole table using jQuery and CSS3.

      Fixed Navigation Transition

      Fixed headers are a must for long pages and important menus. The transition between an inline and a fixed navigation can really make your design stand out.


      Workspace Header Images: Web Trends

      The clean workspace header and background image has become a huge web trend. It can give many websites a sense of clean professionalism.


      Dynamic Scrolling Shadow

      Learn how to make a dynamic scrolling shadow effect. As you scroll, each individual panel dynamically shifts the shadow based on where it is in your window.

      Animated Tagline Switcher

      A good, eye catching tagline is essential to product website. Learn how to make a couple of my own animated tagline effects using CSS3 transition effects.

      Closing Door Menu

      It’s a closing door menu where 2 sides of the menu come together to create the final menu. It has 4 variations, 2 horizontal, 2 vertical with bounce.


      Scrolling Progress Bar

      Today I will be creating an animated progress bar that updates the progress based on how far scrolled you are into a content section.

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