12 Eye-Catching iPhone App Websites: Plus Resources to Start your own

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With the Apple app store recently hitting 10 Billion Downloads and still rising exponentially, the trend of app websites have started to become popular and well known. There are many things that should be included in your app site like describing the functionalities of your app, showing the availability and where to get it, and mainly showcasing the beauty of the app. With the huge influx of app sites, the challenge is on the designers to make their app site unique and stand out from the rest.

Here are some things to remember:
-Showcase Demos to give further insight on your app
-Create a theme that stays consistent with the design of your app
-Give clear calls to action on buying your app
-Many utilize large pictures of iPhones, iPods, or iPads
-Keep the site simple and clean so the customer easily knows what they are getting from your app

Examples and Best Practices

Here are some examples of app sites that I thought were Unique and Stunning.

1: Cinema: The Beautiful Movie Database

This app site showcases a Large Cinema App Icon on a dimly lit and textured background giving the effect of a cinema.

2: InstaGallery

The center of this site is a big iPad with screenshots of the app inside. The website has a large banner to the side that draws the viewer in.

3: Reeder App

This minimalist app site homepage uses an awesome morphing icon effect for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac sections of the site. The site uses faded text effects and sliding content.

4: Voices 2

The theme of this website is the theater, which goes perfectly with its voice changing functionality. There is large fancy fonts and glowing show lights with the background of a curtain.

5: Ecoki

Ecoki uses a beautiful landscape background to give a nice nature feel to their site.

6: Facecard App

This site uses a textured 3D font and shows scrolling screenshots of their app.

7: iSaidWhat?!

iSaidWhat?! uses a nice blue themed website matching the detailed icon. The features and uses are laid out nicely and simply.

8: Rouse

This coming soon app site showcases nice 3D text and a scrolling demo of what the app is in an iPad.

9: TapBots

Each icon for each app “bot” is beautifully detailed and made to look like a friendly robot.

10: eBoy FixPix

This game site features fully isometric pixel art in its design and its game. there is a full page “first-person” flash demo of the game which is really cool.

11: Fruit Ninja

Another game site uses a nice illustrated mascot to portray the theme of the game. Along with the fun website, the game itself is truly addicting.

12: Swanko Lab

This site uses a textured and hand drawn effect with a video demo of the app’s use.

Resources and Tutorials to Help Create your Own App Website

1: Create a Photo Realistic iPhone in Photoshop (iPhone 4)
2: Create a Detailed, Vector-based iPhone Illustration, Part 1 (iPhone 3G)
and Part 2 (iPhone App Icons)
3: How to Illustrate a Professional Looking Apple iPad
4: iPhone App Icon Design: Best Practices
5: App Icon Template
6: Create a Promotional iPhone App Site in Photoshop
7: Design & Code a Cool iPhone App Website in HTML5
8: Design a Sleek, Dark Mobile App Website
9: iOS Inspires Me (Find Inspiration for App Icons, Interfaces, and Websites)