9 Amazing uses of Perspective

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With the dominant trend of flat design for websites these days its easy to forget some amazing use of 3D perspective in websites. The use of depth and perspective makes for some interesting ways to structure a website. I’ve always loved the interesting things 3D depth and perspective could make. With all the different kinds like point perspective and isometric designs, it is easy to always find something new and exciting. While flat design and minimalism are nice, the amount of work and art put into creating cool 3D creations is amazing and something that I will always appreciate.


This website has the appearance of a house where cute characters are living throughout. They are all animated nicely with different people and animals.

Basil Gloo

This portfolio site shows a picture of Basil, the artist. As you scroll down it animates him sitting down as the top of the page nears his head.

Miki Mottes

This unique portfolio site has great uses of perspective. It is very similar to meomi in that it has very unique characters that are all animated nicely in a illustrated style.

Stop the Vom

This site is by the artist above, Miki Mottes. It is in the same art style but is specifically for an app.


This one implements a really cool and unique scrolling perspective animation. The header includes some 3d stripes that interlace. As you scroll down imagine the camera rotates and moves downwards reorienting the stripes nicely.

At Drupal Con

This website uses a nice environmental theme with a perspective of a river coming towards you. The waterfall is also animated simply which gives the site an authentic feel.

Mike Gertrudes

This site employs an isometric style with different items in cubes. As you hover over each item it rises up.

Im Andy

This portfolio site uses a perspective shelf to frame everything.

Ultra Web Page

This webpage has a superhero theme. Each content is contained in a 3d perspective block that is floating with superhero characters atop some of them.