BOLD: A Free HTML Portfolio Theme

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Today I am releasing my first ever free HTML theme. It is a simple and elegant Portfolio theme that has a fixed navigation of categories. It is a simple 1 page HTML website that, depending on how well it is received, could be expanded into a full featured WordPress Theme. This theme is free to use in anything without any restrictions, but a link back or reference to this website would be very appreciated.


Portfolio Images:
In certain browsers like Safari, Chrome, and later versions of Firefox, when you hover over the images, a border will animate within the image. On unsupported browsers, it will simply show the border without animating. The info bars below the images also have CSS3 Box shadows that will only show up in the supported browsers above.

Fixed Navigation Sidebar:
This category navigation has a jQuery animated cursor that automatically slides to the current category as you scroll down the page. Additionally as you hover over each option, the cursor will also follow, and will slide back to the current category when you stop hovering.

Header Navigation:
The header buttons have a nice pushdown animation effect that gives hovering over each option a smooth feeling.


Please leave a comment or criticism of this theme as this is my first and I need all the feedback I can get. I would love to here all your opinions.

Here are the download and demo links again.