High Quality Icons Mega Roundup: Creative and Specialized Sets

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The purpose of an icon is to bring flair and life to a menu or navigation by replacing text with a recognizable image. This roundup will focus on specialized icon sets that aren’t as easy to integrate into a site due to their creativity. These unique icons are incredibly detailed can often be used as desktop icons, or folder icons.

Please take note that some of these are only allowed for personal use. Always check the license to make sure.

Creative and Specialized Sets: 4/27/11

Creative and Specialized

1: Safari Set — Pixel Resort

2: Chinese Wind — Kidaubis

3: Peppers — Kluke

4: Star Trek Icons — Iconfactory

5: Realty Icons — Vlademareous

6: NES Icons — Ahuri

7: Chinese Bronze Age — Nangeyi

8: Antique Icons — Paradis24434

9: Yoritsuki — HybridWorks

10: Jewelry Professional Icons — Antialiasfactory

11: Viking Icons — Poseit

12: Aztec Icons — Poseit

13: Islamic Icons — Ademmm

14: Containers Icons — VistaIcons

15: Carlsberg Beer — St-Valentin

16: My Secret — Lazycrazy

17: Playground — Kluke