jQuery Weekly Roundup #2: 4/18/11

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Here are some fresh jQuery plugins and tutorials that were released recently. I will continue to release similar roundups on the subject of CSS3, jQuery, and WordPress. Check here for all the current Weekly Roundups.

Weekly Roundup

Photobooth with PHP, jQuery and CSS3View Demo

This tutorial by TutorialZine uses webcam.js, a flash app that allows control over the users web camera, to create a photobooth that lets you take photos and upload it in a clean CSS3 interface.

SpeakkerView Demo

Speakker is a HTML5 crossbrowser audio solution with tons of customizable options like flexible dimensions, unlimited colors and different button sets. It is easy to set up with just a few lines of jQuery. Check out their Quick Install Guide for more documentation.

jScrollbarView Demo

jScrollbar allows you to create totally customizable scrollbars for your website. You can use images to skin your own unique scrollbars.

Zoomooz.js — Demo Included

This awesome jQuery plugin creates a cool zoom effect which zooms in on an element. You can include zoom effects within zoom effects for incredible magnification. This could be a great feature for a gallery or portfolio.

RSS Driven Dynamic NewsView Demo

This jQuery plugin is a great way to integrate current news into your website. It takes information from any RSS feed and displays news in a nice bar with tooltips on hover.

Drag and Drop Tables — Demo Included

This is an in depth Drag and Drop table with an almost unlimited amount of possibilities. You can drag contents from separate tables, clone content, trash content, and much more. Along with the main release, there are other examples showcasing different features located here: Other Examples.

Apprise — Demo Included

Apprise is a jQuery alert alternative that is simple to use and looks great. It is highly customizable and allows user input to pass variables.

Adapt.js — No Demo

Adapt.js is an incredibly lightweight plugin (894 bytes minified) that chooses what css file to use before the browser renders a page. This is great to implement different styles for different screen widths like mobile browsers.