jQuery Weekly Roundup #4: 5/11/11

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Here are some fresh jQuery plugins and tutorials that were released recently. I will continue to release similar roundups on the subject of CSS3, jQuery, and WordPress. Check here for all the current Weekly Roundups.

Weekly Roundup

Swish Zoom jQuery Hover EffectView Demo

With this plugin you can add a zoom style effect to your images on hover and an overlay similar to those seen in lightbox plugins.

Sliding Letters Hover Effect with Lettering.jsView Demo

This jQuery effect uses Lettering.js to individually slide in letters one by one, or all at the same time resulting in a beautiful hover effect.

jQuery Registration Form with Elastic EffectView Demo

This registration form uses jQuery to create a nice step by step process tied together by an elastic expand effect. When you enter in valid information for the current form, it springs downwards to reveal the next form.

jQuery Desktop UI: ExtJS Web Interface PortalView Demo

This tutorial uses Ext JS to create a desktop UI complete with Google Maps API, Grids, Tabs, Accordions, and a Border Layout.

jQuery 1.6 Release Executive Brief

A nice in-depth article on the new features of jQuery 1.6 and the differences between older versions and this version.

A Free Clean Minimal Dropdown GUI Settings MenuView Demo

This freebie is a simple, clean, and pixel perfect Dropdown GUI Menu that is easily implemented.

Image Zoom Tool: jQuery ImageLensView Demo

This jQuery tool, creates a nice Magnifying lens effect to zoom in on an image controlled by the mouse.

jQuery Floater PluginView Demo

This new sticky navigation isn’t exactly a fixed navigation. It uses a bouncing effect to follow along when the reader scrolls down. The menu itself slides down on hover.

jQuery Wiggle EffectView Demo

This snippet of jQuery creates a fun effect that makes your elements wiggle. The demo is showcased on jsfiddle so you can see the code and change it as you experiment.

Javascript Mistakes you Must Avoid

A recent article on bad common mistakes that newcomers usually make and how to avoid them. A great way to brush up your knowledge of basic javascript if you are new to the field.