Materialize: A material design css framework

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Material Design

I have been working with a team to make a css framework based on Google’s material design principles. We are happy to announce an early alpha where we are ready to show off our documentation site. We are planning on making materialize a fully fleshed out css framework with a heavy focus on mobile and meaningful transitions which are core concepts of material design.

Please note that there are still many bugs that we are working through. All feedback and criticism is welcome. The easiest way to give feedback would be to either fork the project on github and make a pull request with some changes, or just open up a github issue describing your problem or suggestion. If you like it feel free to star, watch or fork us on github!


Currently in our alpha stage we have around 10 JavaScript components and 10+ CSS or HTML components.
— Fully Responsive Grid System
— Uses Sass for better development
— Incorporates Waves, a button transition popular with material design
— Many navigation options such as drop downs, slide in menus, tabs
— More to come, with YOUR feedback and suggestions