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    1. Streamline – 11$

      Streamline is a modern HTML5 / CSS3 single page template that is mobile and retina display ready. It’s Perfect for Businesses and Creatives to showcase work.

      Create a Google Play style Menu – Dissecting the Web

      Today’s website I want to feature is Google Play. It has an interesting menu which I will recreate with jQuery and CSS3.

      Compass – 9$

      Compass is a horizontal, clean, minimal and professional template that is fully responsive on all major mobile devices.

      Create a Pentagon Hover Effect with CSS3 and jQuery – Dissecting the Web

      I am going to recreate a Pentagon Hover effect that smoothly meshes together a rotate effect with a right nudge of the image that is great for portfolios.

      Shuffle – 9$

      Multi Purpose portfolio Shuffle is a multi purpose portfolio that is great for showcasing your amazing work. Each content section scrolls up and becomes fixed until the next one does giving it a stacking effect.

      Form Character Limit Animation using jQuery and CSS

      I created a simple animation that shows many characters you have left while typing in a field. It is a grey bar underneath that fills up as you type

      9 Amazing uses of Perspective

      A look at beautiful websites that have great uses of perspective and depth.

      Hexagons: Keeping up with Web Trends

      It’s really interesting to see web design evolve over time. Another more subtle trend I’ve really liked is the use of Hexagons in design.

      21 Intriguing Back to Top Buttons

      The back to top button is essential for long web pages. It should allow the reader to easily navigate back up while seamlessly blending in with the design.


      Cascade – 9$

      This simple one page theme excels as a beautiful portfolio theme that accentuates the beauty of your own work. It pops out of the minimalistic design used in Cascade.

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