Portal 2 Inspired Artwork

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“It’s been a long time”

With Portal 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the award winning game Portal, being released less than a week ago, it has consumed my life and the lives of many others. Valve has created some of the most memorable characters ever and these works of art are able to capture their essence beautifully. Many of these are wallpapers, so feel free to make your desktop a portal inspired place.

Video Game Inspiration

This is another installment in a video game fan art series. I have gathered digital art of other popular games so check them out as well:

Sensational Digital Art Inspired by Assassin’s Creed: Plus Future Concepts


Relativity Portal by linkitch

Speedy Thing Goes In… by r4r3truffle

Portal 2 by xric

GlaDos again by Raven-Gazer

GlaDos lives by Raven-Gazer

Confrontation by TETINE–King-of-Nada

You Monster… by Adam-Leonhardt

Very Looooong Time… by Gavade

Aperture Angular Accomplice by Gavade

Fun with Science by Timotei-Chan

Chell and Wheatley by Retarzed

Auxiliary Power by kopfstoff

Portal 2 Wallpaper by Fangschrecke

Companion Cube by linkitch (Technically not from Portal 2, but its awesome)