Text Effects Mega Roundup: Lighting and Shading updated 3/23/11

Text Effects Mega Roundup Table of Contents

Text effects are always a popular subject because they can help in many different situations. Text is always needed for design and these collected tutorials will help make your typography stand out from the rest. Viewing these text effect tutorials created by some of the best designers on the web will at least help you improve your skills while adding beautiful and unique text effects to your arsenal of design. This Mega Roundup of text effects will be constantly updated with more high-quality tutorials as new ones appear around the web.

Lighting and Shading: 3/23/11
Materials and Elements: 4/13/11

Lighting and Shading

1: Revolution Lighting Text Effect

A brilliant reader tutorial from Abduzeedo which was inspired by Trance Music

2: Lighting Shutter Text Effect

FreeWebDesign.co.cc teaches you how to create this beautiful slow shutter text effect.

3: Realistic Neon Sign Text Effect

A beautifully detailed tutorial on creating a neon sign inspired by an neon pub sign. If you are more of a visual learner, Abduzeedo has also made this tutorial into a screencast.

4: Glowing Particle Text Effect

Textuts shows you how to create a nice glowing text effect, using Photoshop brushes and simple layer styles.

5: Using Light and Shade to Bring Text to Life

Creates a nicely lit text effect only using shading and light. This is a great lesson on how to use lighting and shading to make the most out of your designs.

6: Layered Glowing Text Effect

PSDtuts teaches in this tutorial how to use photoshop layers to achieve a stylish text effect.

7: Scan Line Text Effect

PSDlearning shows how to create a glowing scan line text effect which is surprisingly simple yet creates a fantastic result.

8: Shining Text Effect

Create a brilliant and glowing text effect from webdesign.org