Text Effects Mega Roundup: Materials and Elements updated 4/13/11

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Text Effects Mega Roundup Table of Contents

Text effects are always a popular subject because they can help in many different situations. Text is always needed for design and these collected tutorials will help make your typography stand out from the rest. Viewing these text effect tutorials created by some of the best designers on the web will at least help you improve your skills while adding beautiful and unique text effects to your arsenal of design. This Mega Roundup of text effects will be constantly updated with more high-quality tutorials as new ones appear around the web.

Lighting and Shading: 3/23/11
Materials and Elements: 4/13/11

Materials and Elements

1: Ice Cream Text Effect

This photoshop tutorial by WeGraphics creates a fun ice cream text effect using layer styles applied to custom brushes.

2: Candy Cane Text Effect

This tutorial uses custom blending modes in Photoshop and custom vector pattern brushes in Illustrator to create a tasty candy cane text effect.

3: Rope Text Effect

Abduzeedo teaches us how to use the puppet warp tool in Photoshop CS5 to create a beautiful rope text effect.

4: Silky Ribbon Text Effect

In this tutorial you will use the Pen and Gradient Tools to create a silky ribbon text effect. This effect is not restricted to only text and can be used to create any shape in ribbon.

5: Folded Paper Text Effect

Using the pen tool, layer masks, and the dodge, burn and transform tool from photoshop, WeGraphics teaches us how to create a realistic folded paper text effect. It teaches us the basic concept of creating the effect and leaving most of the work up to you to create your own text letting you use your own knowledge and creativity.

6: Broken Plates Text Effect

WeGraphics teaches another fantastic tutorial about creating a broken plate text effect. It modifies the text first in illustrator, then moves into photoshop where simple methods are used to create the broken effect and give the typography a 3D and more realistic look.

7: Pouring Milk Text Effect

This tutorial guides the reader through creating custom font in Illustrator, and manipulating photos of milk in photoshop to create this beautiful milk typography.

8: Liquid Text Effect

CreativeFan manipulates several stock photos of water into an amazing liquid text effect.

9: Clouds Text Effect

This tutorial by Abduzeedo, shows us how to create a custom cloud brush in photoshop to stroke paths, creating a stunning cloud text effect.

10: Smoke Text Effect

This quick tip by Abduzeedo teaches us how to create a smoke text effect in photoshop in just 10 steps.

11: Brilliant Fire Text Effect

Create an eye-popping fire text effect with manipulation of stock footage of fire in this in depth tutorial.

12: Grass Text Effect

This tutorial teaches how to shape stock photos of grass into a beautifully shaded grass text effect and also includes a nice textured background.

13: Illustrative Typography made of screws, nuts, bolts and paint

This is probably the most advanced tutorial of the group. This tutorial uses Cinema 4D to model custom objects and then uses them in photoshop resulting in an incredible text effect.