7 Useful WordPress Plugins for Twitter Functionalities

3 Basic Essentials

Here are the essential twitter plugins you need to integrate Twitter into your blog:

WP to Twitter
This plugin automatically posts a Tweet when you publish a new post on your blog. It shortens URLs with a variety of shorteners like Cli.gs, Bit.ly, Yourls, or WordPress. While you can automate the details of the status update, you can also create custom Tweets for your posts. More Details on installation and configuration are on their website.

Tweetable adds a host of options to WordPress. Along with being able to Tweet your blog posts, you can add Twitter functionalities to your WordPress admin. You can update your status straight from the WordPress dashboard and the Track Page can let you browse through current topics.

Tweet This
This is a simple plugin that adds a Tweet This button to your blog posts

4 Additional Functionalities

Latest Tweets TooltipView Demo
This new plugin will create a draggable and resizable tooltip that shows the latest tweets about a certain word or phrase in your blog post. View the Demo to try it out.

Related Tweets
This WordPress plugin uses your account (oAuth) to choose a random blog post and retweets related tweets about that blog post. You can customize the tweet regularity and its schedule.

Blackbird PieView Demo
This plugin embeds HTML representations of actual tweets into your blog posts with simple shortcodes. It creates the representation with a mix of the Twitter background image, and the colors of the text and links. Check out the demo to see examples.

Wickett Twitter Widget
This plugin can display the latest tweets from your twitter in a WordPress widget that can be customized through css. You can also, control the number of tweets displayed, filter out @replies, or include retweets.