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The clean workspace header and background image has become a huge web trend. It can give many websites a sense of clean professionalism. Designers, Design firms, and other creative individuals benefit from conveying this modern, clean look to their potential customers. First off, I want to showcase good uses of this trend in websites today. Then I will show my personal collection of premium resources to make your own workspace header or incorporate into your own designs.

I have also included a very simple demo above that incorporates the workspace header as a large background image. I also use CSS3’s blur filter to make this effect. It’s simple enough where no code explanation is needed so you can look at the demo or download and look at the code yourself.

CREDIT: Background Image from Here.

NOTE: CSS3’s blur filter is not supported in all browsers (Firefox and Internet Explorer) however the parallax is.

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Website Inspiration
Premium Resources

Website Inspiration


Sd Home & Contact

Workspace Sharing Site




Ludovic Francois

Be Memorable



Bright Byte


Premium Resources


These Hero Images are perfect for a large image background and workspace header for your next design. I have personally purchased many of these and have used them in my personal projects. I highly recommend them.

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If you are looking for more of an iPhone or iPad centered look you can use these. The great part about these resources is that you can replace most of the screens with your own work to personalize it.

Viktor Hanacek


These are more corporate with lots of spaces open for you to fill. All the blueprinted parts are areas where your content will go.